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The Faculty of Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) was established in 1965. It constantly seeks to develop a vibrant academic community through dedication, dialogue, and leadership in teaching, research and public service that will enhance its contribution to the education profession, the scholarly community, schools and societies in Hong Kong, the Greater China region, as well as the international community.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, the Faculty will convene a higher education conference on May 7-8 2015 at Esther Lee Building, CUHK, Hong Kong. This conference aims to provide a cutting-edge platform for intellectual exchanges on higher education development in Greater China.

Higher education systems and universities in Greater China have stepped in the stages of massification and post-massification. Dynamics of various changes are posing uncertainties but also bringing about new opportunities for high education. New types of universities are standing out and higher education innovation for the knowledge society is rising. Old categories of physical, geographical, temporal, disciplinary, organizational, cultural and ideational boundaries are blurred, crossed and reshaped. Creativity and innovation are prioritized in the university practices of teaching, research, knowledge transfer, administration and governance in order for our universities to respond to the new changes and to take on new opportunities. It is time to bring together academics, practitioners and policy-makers addressing how the ideas and practices of various boundary-crossing and innovations matter the future university in Greater China. Therefore this conference would like to bring discussions and exchanges on the following topics:

◇ New types of universities and new generation of learners: boundary-crossing and boundless ;
◇ Creativity and innovation in higher education: teaching and learning, knowledge transfer, policy and governance; and
◇ Imagined future university: opportunities, challenges, and responses.