Acta Psychologica Sinica

Vol. 38 No. 2 , Pages 308 - 316 , 2006

Predictive Research on Psychological Selection of Cadets in Military Academy (Article written in Chinese)

MIAO Danming, LUO Zhengxue, LIU Xufeng, LI Yunbo, WANG Jingsheng, & SU Jinkuan


AIM: This paper was to establish a suitable psychological selection method of cadets in military academy and to provide a new idea on the study of psychological selection by analyzing the main experiences and outcomes of 13 years’ study on the primary officer’s psychological selection. METHOD: The competency model of cadets in military academy was built by the deductive method and Delphi expert assessment. 340 cadets from a military academy were tested with MBTI-G, MMPI-2, and Group Intelligence Test of Army Academy Students after entrance, and evaluated with the competency model of cadets in military academy before graduation. And 38 cadets were appraised on the job performance in the military after 1.5 years of graduation. RESULTS: Preferable prediction was found in 3 dimensions of MBTI-G on the competency. There were differences of personality type between the best group and the worst group, and the worst group scored higher on seven scales of MMPI-2 than the best group. Group Intelligence Test of Army Academy Students could preferably predict the factor of intelligence. The prediction efficiency of MMPI-2, MBTI-G and the intelligence test was 72.13%, 71.90% and 66.70%, and the integrative efficiency of three scales was 81.70%. The prediction efficiency on the cadets’ behavior in military of the competency model was up to 76%–87%. There was significant correlation between the competency model and the job performance (r = 0.36–0.64). CONCLUSION: This study established a set of efficient psychological selection thoughts and methods for the military cadets.

Keywords: competency; psychological test; psychological selection; prediction; cadets in militery academy

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