Acta Psychologica Sinica

Sponsored by Chinese Psychological Society
Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica
Co-sponsored by Department of Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Volume 26 No. 3, August 1994


225 On Transitive Inference Making of Children Aged 3 to 6 *
  WEI Huazhong, SONG Shilong
232 Identity Research on the Causes of Conformity Among Children Aged From 8 to 16 *
  CEN Guozhen
240 The Relationship of Peer's Normal Pressure and Direct Pressure With Adolescents' Substance Use *
  FANG Xiaoyi
247 Behaviors of MR Children in Class and in Free Play *
  MAO Yuyan
255 The Cognition of Managers to Factors of Uncertainty of Macro-dynamic Field Influencing Decision Making of New Product Development *
  ZHENG Quanquan
264 Part-set Cuing Effect in Visual Identification *
  HE Haidong, JIAO Shulan
272 Differential Effects of Precues on the Detection of Topological and Local Geometric Properties --- More Evidences *
  HAN Shihui, CHEN Lin
279 A Mathematical Description on Pattern of Cognitive Slowing in Nonlexical Tasks in Aging *
  LI Deming, SUN Fuli, YAN Yiai
284 Vasopressin and Memory Retention in One-day chicks *
  CHEN Shuangshuang, SUI Nan, GUAN Linchu, KUANG Peigen, ZHANG Fengying
289 A Compared Investigation of Frontal and Nonfrontal Tumor on Word Fluency Test *
  WANG Xiaoming, XU Shulian
296 Further Study on the Learning-dependent Long-term Potentiation of Synaptic Efficacy in the Hippocampal CA3 Region *
  XU Shitong, GUAN Jianghui, OU Yingqi
300 Effect of Mammillary Body on Learning-Dependent Long-term Potentiation in Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus *
  WANG Ji, XU Shitong, OU Yingqi
305 A Study of Chinese Character Copying in Patients with Cerebral Lesion *
  HE Jincai, ZHANG Jinxiang, WANG Xiaotong
312 Psychological Thoughts of Zhou Yi and Its Development in Pre-Qin Dynasty *
  YAN Guocai
319 Tenyears of Follow-up Study on the Mental Health of Jino Minority *
  ZHU Hua, LI Jianhua, WAN Wenpeng
324 Development of Sports Psychology in China: History, Present Status and Prospects *
  ZHANG Liwei, DING Xueqin

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