Acta Psychologica Sinica

Sponsored by Chinese Psychological Society
Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica
Co-sponsored by Department of Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Volume 29 No. 1, January 1997


1 Processing of Chinese Sentence Ambiguity *
  CHEN Yongming. CUI Yao
8 Basic Processing Unit of Chinese Character Recognition: Evidence from Stroke Number Effect and Radical Number Effect *
  PENG Danling, WANG Chunmao
17 A Study on implicit Social Cognition *
  YANG Zhiliang, LIU Suzhen, ZHONG Yiping, GAO Hua, TANG Yongming
23 Effects of Stroke Type on Identification of Upright and Tilted Chinese Characters *
  YU Bolin, ZHANG Shulin, PAN Yujin
29 Heuristics in Hypothesis-Testing Processing *
  ZHANG Qinglin, WANG Yongming, ZHANG Zhongming
37 Experimental Study of the Dissociations between Conscious and Unconscious Processes in Selective Attention *
  ZHANG Yaxu, JIN Zhicheng
43 Developmental Functions for Speeds of Information Processes during Childhood and Adolescence *
  LIN Chongde, WO Jianzhong, YU Guorong
51 The Cognitive Development for Friendship Qualities of Children Aged 6-15 Years Old *
  LI Shuxiang, CHEN Huichang, CHEN Yinghe
60 A Study of Cognitions and Body Sensations in Anxiety Disorders *
  ZHOU Yun, XU Junmian, WANG Xida, JIANG Kaida
67 A Study on the Coping Activities of Undergraduates *
  WEI Youhua, TANG Shengqin
75 The Trend and Structure of Need for Staff of National Enterprises *
  KUANG Zhihua, ZHANG Hongwei
82 A Phase Model of Hierarchical Decision Making in Organization: Some Empirical Evidences *
  MA Jianhong
91 A Study on Measuring S-R Compatibility and Using S-R Compatibility to Evaluate Learning Easiness of Typing Chinese Characters into Computer *
  LIU Yanfang, ZHANG Kan
98 A General Approach of Measuring Test Validity-Confirmatory factor analysis of the criterion structure space *
  WANG Quan, DAI Lingyun
104 Psychology Research on Computer-Supported Co-operative Work *
  FU Xiaolan, Gary M. OLSON, Judith S. OLSON

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