Chinese Journal of Science Education

The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 8 No. 2, 2000


123 A Study of the Influences of Peer Relationships on Sixth Grade Pupils' Dyad Discussion (Article written in Chinese)
    Wen-Gin YANG
141 Elementary Students' Perceptions of Air (Article written in Chinese)
    Jin-Yi CHANG
157 A Developmental Study of Students' Conceptions of Height and Horizontality in the Water-Line Problem (Article written in Chinese)
    Hsiang-Wu HUANG
179 A Study of the Integration of College Level Life Science General with the History of Darwinian Evolution (Article written in Chinese)
    Li-Jen LIAO, Bao-Ying LIN, & Jeng-Fung HUNG
199 The Conception on Statistical Objects (Article written in Chinese)
    Kuo-Liang SU

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