Chinese Journal of Science Education

The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 9 No. 2, 2001


101 Learning Times for Teaching Beliefs of Technology Teachers in Junior High Schools (Article written in Chinese)
    Kuo-Hung TSENG, Li-Chen HSUEH, Shi-Jer LOU, & Shu-Man HUANG
123 A Study of Integrated Curriculum Models: Using Science as the Core Course (Article written in Chinese)
    Tung-Hsing HSIUNG, Zen-Hsing WANG, & Shu-Li CHEN
147 The Dynamic Processes of Mental Modeling - Observations and Interpretations of a physical phenomenon (Article written in Chinese)
    Tsung-Hau JEN
169 A Case Study of High School Students Doing Open-ended Inquiry Activity: Problem Framing and Solving (Article written in Chinese)
    Hung-Wen LIU & Huey-Por CHANG
197 Elementary Science Teachers' Conceptions of the Nature of Science and Instructional Practice (Article written in Chinese)
    Jing-Ru WANG

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