Chinese Journal of Science Education

A publication of the The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 11 No. 4 , 2003


351 A Research Model for the Study of Senior High School Students’ Multiple Intelligences (Article written in Chinese)
    Ying-Shao HSU & Shih-Yi LIN
373 The Multi-user and Multi-media Interaction Mechanism (Article written in Chinese)
    Wu-Yuin HWANG, Dow-Ming YEH, & Chun-Yen LEE
391 From Harvard to Feng-Chia: The Implementation and Outcomes of Interactive Teaching in University Physics (Article written in Chinese)
    Whei-jen CHANG
407 A Study of Creative Problem Solving Instructional Design and Assessment in Elementary School Chemistry Courses (Article written in Chinese)
    Wen-Tung HUNG
431 Factor Analysis of Middle Grades Science and Technology Curriculum Materials (Article written in Chinese)
    Hsiao-jen CHIOU, Chi-Jui LIEN, & Ie-Bin LIEN

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