Chinese Journal of Science Education

A publication of the The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 12 No. 3 , 2004


265 A Study of Conceptual Formation and Development for Dissolving in Elementary and Secondary School (Article written in Chinese)
    Liang-Rong HSU & Cheng-Hua LIU
289 Student’s Conceptions of Animal Classification and Vertebrates: A Cross-age Study (Article written in Chinese)
    Dar-Sun HUANG
311 The Development of a Diagnostic Instrument to Investigate Students’ Alternative Conceptions of Reflection and Refraction of Light (Article written in Chinese)
    Jun-Yi CHEN, Huey-Por CHANG, & Chorng-Jee GUO
341 An Action Research to Facilitate In-service Mathematics and Science Teachers Develop of STS Modules (Article written in Chinese)
    Chi-Chin CHIN
365 Literature Review of Genetics Misconceptions and Its Implications on Instruction (Article written in Chinese)
    Kun-Yuan YANG & Miao-Li CHANGLAI

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