Chinese Journal of Science Education

A publication of the The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 12 No. 4 , 2004


399 A Study on Mental States of Ninth Grade Students in Learning about the Concepts of Plate Tectonics (Article written in Chinese)
    Chia-Ju LIU & I-Lin HOU
421 Development and Exploration of the Earth Science Classroom Learning Environment Instrument (Article written in Chinese)
    Min-Hsien LEE & Chun-Yen CHANG
445 A Study of the Cognitive Script Approach to Interpreting Student Perceptions about Doing a Science Learning Activity (Article written in Chinese)
    Shih-Hao CHIANG & Chorng-Jee GHO
469 Assessing Effectiveness of Formative Assessment Models on Students’ Learning Achievement in e-Learning Environment (Article written in Chinese)
    Tzu-Hua WANG, Kuo-Hua WANG, Wei-Lung WANG, & Shih-Chieh HUANG
491 Question-based Learning in Organic Chemistry Via the Web (Article written in Chinese)
    Zang-Yuan OWN, Hrong-Ren CHIANG, & Kung-Wen LI

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