Chinese Journal of Science Education

A publication of the The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 14 No. 5 , 2006


493 The Effects of Constructivist-oriented Web-based Science Learning on Middle School Students’ “Force” Concept Learning (Article written in Chinese)
    Chi-Ping LIANG & Hsiao-Ching SHE
517 Exploring the Scaffolding Strategies of Inserting Mathematical Modeling into Teaching of Secondary Mathematics and the Latent Mechanism of Promoting Teachers’ Reflection (Article written in Chinese)
    Kai-Lin YANG & Fou-Lai LIN
545 Investigation of Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs towards Science, Mathematics and the Integration of Science and Mathematics (Article written in Chinese)
    Shu-Chun TSAI, Hsiao-Lin TUAN, & Sou-Yung CHIU
571 Realization of a Constructivist Approach to Teaching — Transformation of the Beliefs and Practices of a Primary School Teacher of Science (Article written in Chinese)
    Hung-Chih YEN & Hsiao-Lin TUAN
597 The Impact of the Socratic Questioning Model on Sixth Graders’ Critical Thinking Abilities and Dispositions (Article written in Chinese)
    Ming-Yung SU & Wan-Chu HUANG

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