Chinese Journal of Science Education

A publication of the The Association of Science Education Taiwan

Vol. 16 No. 3 , 2008


239 Hua Hengfang and Euclid’s Elements (Article written in Chinese)
    Wann-Sheng HORNG
255 Learning to Pose Contextual Mathematics Problems: Exploring Changes in an In-service Teacher’s Practices in the Classroom (Article written in Chinese)
    Yuh-Fen HUANG, Ching-Kuch CHANG, & Jyh-Hwa TZENG
281 A Case Study of a Second Grade Child’s Concept of Spatial Orientation Under Realistic Situation (Article written in Chinese)
    Kuan-Jou CHEN
303 The Effects of Pattern Structure and Feedback on Repeating Pattern Finding in Kindergarten Students (Article written in Chinese)
    Choa-Jung WU & Ya-Chu YEN
325 The Analysis of Epistemologies about Different Background Patriarchs in the Context of Parent-Child Book-Reading Interactions (Article written in Chinese)
    Yen-Ting CHEN & Ying-Chih CHEN

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