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An Investigation of the Relationship between Principals' Leadership and Teachers' Self Concept
Chow Hung Wai


Television Advertising and Students Peer Interaction in Consumer Learning
Chan Hung Kee

A Study of the factors affecting Attendance at Adult Education Short Courses
Chiu Mo Chi

Background Knowledge on Reading Comprehension*
Fu Kin Hung

Background Knowledge on Reading Comprehension
Ho Fuk Chuen

Metacognition in Writing: The Effect of Self-regulation Training on Revision
Lee Kam Hung

A Study of the Chinese-Cultural Essential Elements in the Text Content of the Chinese Language Subject in Hong Kong Secondary School*
Lin Man Lee

Yen Shih Chia Hsun: Views on Language Teaching*
Tang Shing Fung

The Relationship between Personality-Environment Congruency and Teaching Performance in Student Teachers
Tse Kin Shing

Relationship among Students' Achievement Goals, Theories of Intelligence, and Values
Wong Chi Lap

Causal Attributions and Affective Reactions to Academic Performance of Chinese Students in Hong Kong
Wong Ding Pan


Effect of Flowcharting on Program Composition Skill
Au Sai Kit

A Study of the Organizational Culture of a Church School*
Chan Siu Ling

A Study of the Principals' Instructional Leadership in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
Chan Yau Chi

Sex Difference in Academic Choice: Their Relations with Sex-Role Orientation and Sex Stereotypes
Cheng Mo Yin

The State and the Development of the State-sponsored Education System in Hong Kong
Chow Siu Wah

The Effect of Bilingual Proficiency on the Achievement in Cognitive Tasks
Chu Wing Yu

Effects of Qualitative Instruction in Solving Physics Problems
Chung Chuen Ming

The Relationship between School Performance and Self Esteem, Self Salience, and Self Consciousness
Ho Sai Mun

A Descriptive Study of Clinical Supervision in an Aided Secondary School
Kwong Yee Fan

A Research on the Teaching of the Literary Forms of Classical Poetry in the Chinese Literature in Hong Kong Secondary Schools*
Lam Ho Kwong

Occupational Differences between the Sexes: The Impact of Socialization
Lau Chun Kwok

Humor and Teacher Burnout
Law Ning Chi

Transformation of Schooling in Rural China: The Developmental Experience of an Affluent Country Town*
Lo Man Fong

A Study of Teaching of Glossaries which are Homonyms in Cantonese but non-Homonyms in Putonghua*
Mok Suk Yee

A Study of Teachers' Attitudes toward School Change in Hong Kong*
Ng Kwok Hung

Effect of Interactive Videotape on Learning Achievement in Science
Ngai Yau Ki

A Study of Job Characteristics of Hong Kong Teachers
Tai Wai Sum

Effects of Learning Conditions on Cloze Procedure Performance
Tao Sim Cheung

The Relationship between Preliminary Guidance and Presentation Outcome in Argumentative Essay-Writing for Secondary Schools*
Wong Chun Huen

A Study of the Geographical Knowledge of Junior Secondary School Students in Hong Kong and Guangzhou*
Wong King Hung

Schooling and Distribution of Earnings in a Rapidly Developing LDC: The Case Study of Hong Kong
Wong Wai Kin


The Changing Hero Models - A Study of Outstanding Examples from the Perspective of the Concept of Self in Contemporary China, 1960-1985*
Cheung Wai Chun

A Comparative Study on Chinese Language Teaching Materials for Junior Secondary Schools in China and Hong Kong*
Ho Man Sing

Life Events, Stress and Coping Strategies of Secondary School Students in Hong Kong - An Exploratory Study
Kwong Lai King

A Study of Occupational Stress among Hong Kong Aided Secondary School Teachers
Lam Miu Ling

A Comparative Study of Selected Geography Curricula for Hong Kong and England with Special Reference to Environmental Education
Lee Chi Kin

Development of Organizational Commitment in Hong Kong aided Secondary School Christian Teachers - A Case Study
Leung Ting Chor

A Comparative Study on the Curricula of Selected Programme for Physical Education Teachers in Hong Kong and Signapore
Li Yuk Keung

A Cost Study of Overseas Univeristy Education: The Hong Kong Experience
Ma Hing Tong

Earnings and Characteristics of Participants of Institutionalized Adult Continuing Education in Hong Kong
Ma Yat Bong

A Study of Teachers Participation in Decision Making in Hong Kong Aided Secondary Schools*
Shing Hui Sin Chun

Effects of Vocational and Technical Education on Earnings with Reference to Family Background
Wong Wai Yin

Principal Leadership Behavior and Teacher Organizational Commitment - A Contingency Approach
Yuen Bo Yiu


Curricular Content and Modernity: A comparative Study of Primary School Textbooks in Hong Kong and Taiwan*
Au Kit Chun

A Study if the Relationship Between School Climate and the Effectiveness of Civil Education*
Ho Sui Chu

A Study of Mastery Learning and its Effects on Science Achievement, Retention, Attitudes and Self-concepts with special focus on Educationally Disadvantaged Students
Hon Hau Sut

Awareness of Phonemic Segmentation of Chinese and English Words and its Transfer across Two Languages
Pun Shiu Kau

A Study on the Effects of Methods of Evaluation of Senior Secondary School Chinese Composition*
Shum Shiu Kee

The Effect of Parental Divorce and Separation on School Children's Self-development in terms of Self-discrepancies and Psychological Adjustment
Wong Moon Sing

Effects of Domain-specific Knowledge on Social Science Problem-solving Performance
Yeung Kam Chuen

A Study of the Effects of Formal Curriculum on the Civic Consciousness of Secondary School Students in Hong Kong*
Yu Shu Tak


A Study of the Effects of Academic and Demographic characteristics of Singapore Secondary School Students on their Listening Ability in Mandarin as a Second Language*
Ho Soo Guang

The Development of Chinese History in the Secondary school of Hong Kong since 1945 - from the Perspective of Comparative Education*
Pong Long Wah

A Study of the Teaching of Chinese Classical Poetry*
Ti Hwei Jen


Lu Xun, A great Teacher of Chinese Youth: His Personality and its Development*
Chow Ping Lok

Relationship of Chinese Language Ability and Use of Chinese Words in Primary School Pupils*
Keung Pui Ling


An Analysis of the Pattern of School Curriculum Development in Hong Kong based on a Study of the Evolution of the Subject Government and Public Affairs*
Tao Chi Ying

The Relationship between Teachers' Role Orientation and Organizational Structure in Hong Kong Secondary Schools*
Wong Chi Ming


A Study of the Relationship between Home and Classroom Environments and the Attitude of Form 3 Students towards Science*
Cheng Sau Ping

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