Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 34 No. 4 , 1997


353 The University Library and Campus Web Development: A Case Study
    Jeffrey A. FRANKS
368 Selecting and Evaluating CD-ROMs: A Public School Media Specialist’s Perspective
    Judy Raven LEE
380 Outsourcing Cataloging: An evaluation
    Vicki Toy SMITH
396 A Turning Point on the Fee-Based Information Services (Article written in Chinese)
    Zeping CAI
405 Operations Research in Library Science (Article written in Chinese)
    Tsu-jei MA
422 A Study on the Library Volunteers: Their Characteristic, Participated Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the Public Libraries (Article written in Chinese)
    Shu-hui SHIH

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