Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 35 No. 1 , Pages 1 - 7 , 1997

Designing Audio-Visual (AV) Media Unit for University Libraries in Nigeria



The use of Audio-Visual (AV) resources as instructional materials and as aids to research activities is increasingly being accorded a due recognition in Nigerian Universities. Thus, some individual universities have a department where students are taught and exposed to AV resources and their instructional and research values. To support the AV needs of the departments, students education, and private research work, the university libraries often acquire large variety of AV resources in their stock. However, the dearth of suitable space for the storage and utilization of the resources in the various libraries is a bane to the effective utilization of the resources. This paper, therefore, discusses the problems of space and utilization as they affect utilization of AV resources in Nigerian university libraries and, then, presents a new design of AV resource unit as alternative to the current practice in the libraries.

Keywords: AV media center; University-Nigeria

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