Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 35 No. 1 , Pages 16 - 24 , 1997

The Design and Use of Instructional Technology in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Joseph O. ESIN


The traditional approach to the instructional process involves classroom lectures with supportive textbooks. However, there is a proven record that technology has outpaced the textbook and has in the process, become powerful instructional delivery tools. Furthermore, Instructional Technology is the pinnacle for educational reform. It is rapidly becoming a fundamental part of the teaching and learning process. It is very imperative, within this context, that instructors be empowered with the skills, knowledge and experience to fully apply technology to the educational process. The major weakness in this process is that there is little or no communication and trust between instructors and administrators. In order to meet the challenge of instructional and institutional effectiveness, this article advocates the establishment of a well organized Professional Development Program (PDP) for on-going training of school, college and university instructors and Instructor-Administration Socialization (LAS) to enhance intellectual synergy and environment that reinforces collegiate dialogue among the school, college and university instructors.

Keywords: Instructional technology; Professional development program; Instructor-administration socialization

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