Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 39 No. 4 , 2002


351 Knowledge Management and Technology in a Multi-Campus System: Enhancing Collaborative Alliances and Information Access
    Mem STAHLEY & Jennifer PLATT
362 Photographic Collections Management
    Joanna NORMAN
374 Using Computer Assistance in Teaching About Asia
    Jana Sackman EATON
382 Knowledge Sharing Process in an Organization (Article written in Chinese)
    Chaoyun Chaucer LIANG & Yun-Che YANG
400 Public Information and Fair Use on Library Administration (Article written in Chinese)
    Yu-Sheng LIAO
410 Harry Potter vs. Library Censorship (Article written in Chinese)
    Sheue-fang SONG
420 Licensing and Distribution of Remuneration of Reproduction Rights Organization (Article written in Chinese)
    Ya-wen TSAI
441 The Culture and Problems of Computer Network Learning Models (Article written in Chinese)
    Li-chin WU

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