Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 40 No. 1 , 2002


1 Valuable Online Tools for E-teachers: HTML and XML
    Mohammad Khalid HAMZA, Sam HSU, & Mohammad ILYAS
14 An Eclectic, Technology-enriched Professional Development Model in ESOL for Teacher Trainers
    Karen Wolz VERKLER, Cynthia J. HUTCHINSON, Gail WEST, & Migdalia PAGÁN
31 Alliances for Educational Access: A Model for Partnership Environments
    Mem STAHLEY & Jennifer PLATT
51 Foreign Language Use in Federal Government Documents
    Timothy DODGE
76 The Study of Talent Development Policy for Digital Content Industry: Its Research Structure and Preliminary Conclusions (Article written in Chinese)
    Chaoyun Chaucer LIANG
102 The Needs Assessment and Development of Metadata Systems (Article written in Chinese)
    Ya-ning CHEN, Shu-jiun CHEN, Hon-chung SUM, & Feng-chien CHUNG
128 VRA Core: A Metadata Standard of Visual Resources (Article written in Chinese)
    Pei-fen SU & Ho-chin CHEN

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