Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 40 No. 3 , 2003


271 Effectiveness of Course-integrated and Repeated Library Instruction on Library Skills of Education Students
    Penny M. BEILE
279 Current Technology Trends for School Library Media Specialists
    Leticia EKHAML & Joan HUBBARD
285 The Bureaucratic Socialization of Library Practicum Students: A Case Study
    J. O. AINA & N. P. OBOKOH
293 The Closing of the American Library
    David G. BRADFORD
299 A Research on the Impact of Internet Use in American Elementary School Libraries
    Feng-Hsiung HOU
309 Analyzing Visions of Peer Review in Scholarly Electronic Journals (Article written in Chinese)
    Jeong-yeou CHIU
325 Construction and Application of a Chinese OCR Test Collection for Information Retrieval (Article written in Chinese)
    Mung-Chu TSAI & Yuen-Hsien TSENG
345 The Study of Applying Data Warehouse to Library Management — Acquisition Policy Making Based on Collections Analysis (Article written in Chinese)
    Jiann-Cherng SHIEH & Yi-Chen WEI
357 Research on the Young Adults’ Online Information Seeking Behavior (Article written in Chinese)
    Chaoyun LIANG & Wei-Ju CHEN
381 Study on Self-assessment of Professionalism — An Example of Current Librarianship (Article written in Chinese)
    Li-Ling TZENG & Shih-Hsion HUANG

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