Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 40 No. 4 , Pages 429 - 437 , 2003

Building Library Collections: The Horse Is Riding Us!

Milton T. WOLF


Unsound use of automation and digital idolatry are reducing access to research information. Technology should be the “means” not the “end” to better libraries. By understanding how digital information has been “captured” by multinational corporations, one must thread one’s way through the labyrinth of mis-information clones and data corruption to a more wholesome collection of diverse points of view. Collection building will always be labor intensive, and therefore time-consuming, because intellectual judgments are involved. Giving away selection to vendors and publishers only furthers the degradation of research and ultimately threatens not only intellectual investigation but also national security. The way forward is backward to the hard work of selecting.

Keywords: collection development; collection management; automation; digital access; reader’s advisor; acquisitions; intellectual freedom

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