Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 40 No. 4 , Pages 513 - 524 , 2003

The Historical Analysis on the Development of the Distance Education after 1990s: The Rethinking of the Social Learning and the Educated Revolution (Article written in chinese)

Chun-hsiang CHEN


According to the educational policy and the official documents, this paper analyzes the process of the distance education in most of the schools in Taiwan after the year of 1990. It is due to the text of the rational idea and the measures on the distance education, the paper shows the possible relationships between the education development and the network technology, the improvement on National information infrastructure (NII), and the tendency of the globalization. This paper, moreover, attends to exam the motivations of the development on the way to correspond with the conceptions of the learning society from the view point of the lifelong learning society and the educational reform.

Keywords: distance education; educational reform; educational policy; marketization; National Information Infrastructure (NII)

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