Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 40 No. 4 , Pages 535 - 548 , 2003

The Development and Design of Web-based Instruction Courseware for Elementary Students on Gender Education (Article written in chinese)

Shin-Yi LING & Chiung-Sui CHANG


The purpose of this Web-based instruction project was designed to fulfill the needs of elementary students regarding gender education issues. World-Wide-Web can be a very useful delivery tool to share information about activities and resources; support teacher’s instruction; and train students to follow guidelines to have correct knowledge on gender-sex issues. The process of instructional design of this Web-based project was also described. Using Dick & Carey’s ISD model, this Web-based courseware was developed and implemented in a very effective multimedia presentation way.

Keywords: gender education; Web-based instruction; instructional design; technology integrated

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