Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 40 No. 4 , 2003


409 Self-Efficacy toward Educational Technology: The Application in Taiwan Teacher Education
    Wanyu CHAO
417 Information Needs and Information Gathering Behaviour of Medical Doctors in Maiduguri, Nigeria
    Jonathan A. OCHEIBI & Abba BUBA
429 Building Library Collections: The Horse Is Riding Us!
    Milton T. WOLF
439 Safe and Responsible Online Behaviors for Children
    Shu-Hsien L. CHEN
453 Ranganathan: A Universal Librarian
    Abulfazal M. Fazle KABIR
461 Standards, Specifications, and Their Information Sources (Article written in Chinese)
    Ming-yueh TSAY
481 A Research on the Integration of Intelligent Document and Intelligent System (Article written in Chinese)
    Sinn-Cheng LIN
497 Save the Memory: The Study of Oral History in the Library (Article written in Chinese)
    Sheue-fang SONG & Shr-ying SHU
513 The Historical Analysis on the Development of the Distance Education after 1990s: The Rethinking of the Social Learning and the Educated Revolution (Article written in Chinese)
    Chun-hsiang CHEN
525 Case Study on Interaction Issues for a College Synchronous Distance Instruction Course (Article written in Chinese)
    Chiung-Sui CHANG & Yi-Hsin CHEN
535 The Development and Design of Web-based Instruction Courseware for Elementary Students on Gender Education (Article written in Chinese)
    Shin-Yi LING & Chiung-Sui CHANG
549 Discussing the Librarian and Libraries’ Image Problem by Analyzing the Content of Mass Media (Article written in Chinese)
    Shau-Chun WU

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