Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 41 No. 1 , Pages 61 - 76 , 2003

Fuzzy Metadata and Its Application to Library Classification and Catalogue (Article written in chinese)

Sinn-Cheng LIN & Sheng-Wen HSIAO


This study proposes the concept of Fuzzy Metadata, and then applies it to library classification and catalogue for the purpose of reinforcing the connection of bibliography, such that the broadness of search results could be improved. In the first, the paper discusses the classification, catalogue, metadata and fuzzy theory. And then, it expounds the definition of Fuzzy Metadata and uses the model of fuzzy theory to explain its meaning. Furthermore, we propose a practical approach of fuzzy classifying and cataloging for the library to record the Fuzzy Metadata to its bibliography databases in CMARC format. Finally, we develop a classifying and cataloging system; it uses Fuzzy Metadata to build up distinct levels of connection in related books and categories. The users who use the system could grasp the relationship among the books from the search results, so that they could further search related ones to more satisfy their information needs.

Keywords: metadata; fuzzy theory; fuzzy metadata; fuzzy classification; fuzzy catalogue

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