Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 41 No. 1 , Pages 99 - 108 , 2003

Learning Technology’s Potential Impacts and Supporting Roles Demystified (Article written in chinese)

Fu-Yun YU


Learning technology’s potential impacts and roles for the support of student learning are discussed in terms of the following six aspects: (1) As a learning tool to learn with, not to learn from; (2) Aiming to enrich student learning experiences, instead of enriching instructional content; (3) Emphasizing employing various instructional strategies so as to cultivate active learning; (4) Students, not teachers, should be in charge of the whole learning process; (5) Instructional goals should be the guiding principle of learning technology’s selection and integration; and (6) Focusing on the stimulating effects learning technology can exert.

Keywords: learning technology; computer-supported learning

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