Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 41 No. 1 , Pages 119 - 138 , 2003

The Study of User Needs of an Electronic Schoolbag for the High School (Article written in chinese)

Yin-Ru LAI, Chaoyun Chaucer LIANG, & Jalin Ko-Tsung HUANG


This study investigates the user needs of an electronic schoolbag through the systems theory and needs assessment, which is to give an example of Ta-Tung Senior High School, in order to explore end user’s utility and potential issues among school administration, educational environment, teachers and students to compile primary information of local demonstration. This study investigates by adopting participant observation, questionnaire investigation, and in-depth interview. The results of this study are enumerated as follows which includes “Product”, “Usage”, “Teach and learn status”, “Educational administration”, “Technical environment”, and “Co-operation experiment”. According to these results, the researchers propose suggestions of follow-up research from aspects of “Experimental schools”, “Teachers”, “Students”, “Government”, “Research and development institutions”, and “Related industries. ”

Keywords: electronic schoolbag; user need; needs assessment; high school

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