Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 41 No. 3 , Pages 351 - 371 , 2004

A Review on Metadata Registries Development (Article written in chinese)

Ya-ning CHEN


How to reuse and interoperate the information between various metadata standards becomes an important issue for digital library projects and metadata registries (MDRs) are employed as a workable approach around the world. This paper aims to take a review on current development of MDRs, by adopted case study as research methodology to examine twelve cases. Consequently, five findings are offered in the following: (1) Most MDRs can be generalized into machine readable MDRs. (2) Some MDRs include elements from a single standard, and some from multiple ones. (3) MDRs focus on cultural heritage objects, but now has been expanded to include institutes and users. Information granularity that MDRs handle is generalized into metadata standard, element and encoded scheme. (4) Relationships between elements are common to all practices, but relationships between standards, elements and encoded schemes are not applied to all. (5) The approach of MDRs description is toward two types: data elements and metadata elements. The former one has a preference for comprehensive description, and the latter one is toward appropriate description for practical requirements and is separated into various identities instead of all in ones.

Keywords: metadata; schemata; registry

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