Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 41 No. 3 , Pages 389 - 404 , 2004

Design and Development of Interactive User Interface for Web-based Learning in Discussion Teaching Strategy (Article written in chinese)

Shih-chung LEE & Yu-lin HSIU


Distance education is predicted to be a major growth area for education in the future. With this growth come challenges in instructional design in terms of new skill acquisition for instructors. The focus of this study is to design interactive visual interface for instructors and students to interact successfully in a web-based instructional environment. Interface of commonly used instructional methods such as panel discussion, group discussion and role play were developed for web-based system. By using usability testing methods, interview and observation were performed. Three groups of undergraduate students were interviewed to examine what interface design elements were used and how they were implemented in relation to current web-based environment. Designing guidelines for on-line panel discussion interface were further examined after the evaluation.

Keywords: Web-based instruction system; interface design; instructional method

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