Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 41 No. 4 , 2004


431 Academic Librarianship: Traveling Across Time Lines
    Wendy TAN
437 Web-based Courses for All Disciplines: How?
    Karen S. Y. LEE
449 Use of Government Documents at the University of Ilorin Library
    Joseph O. AINA
455 Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom
    Karen Wolz VERKLER
479 The TIME Model: Time to Make a Change to Integrate Technology
    Debby MITCHELL & Glenda A. GUNTER
495 Some Hot Issues on Library Management: Study Notes (Article written in Chinese)
    Jianzhong WU
503 A Citation Study of Life Science Authors in Taiwan (Article written in Chinese)
    Ming-Yueh TSAY & Shu-Chen CHOU
531 Fostering Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building through Online Learning Communities (Article written in Chinese)
    Allan H. K. YUEN
545 Decision-making Research of Expert Producer in the Digital Media Design Field (Article written in Chinese)
    Chaoyun LIANG & Wen-Shan CHANG
561 Rethinking the Learning Outcome of E-learning (Article written in Chinese)
    Yu-Jing CHIOU

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