Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 42 No. 3 , Pages 363 - 368 , 2005

How Educational Media Can Benefit the International Student Population in the United States University Setting



This study investigated international students’ access to the Internet, their use of web-based educational media, and the differences between those who utilized a website designed to decrease acculturative stress and those who did not. Results indicated that international students applying to universities in the United States have excellent access to the Internet, although in some areas it is still very expensive. Of the students who utilized the website designed for them, most found it was very helpful to their adjustment to life at the university. Many of those same students also reported that they used web-based educational media resources to help them decide which university to attend. Universities need to focus their attention on using web-based educational media to attract and assist their international student populations.

Keywords: educational media; international students; Internet; Web site

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