Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 42 No. 3 , Pages 409 - 432 , 2005

A Study on the Book Marketing Channels and the Business Operations in Taiwan (Article written in Chinese)

Shih-Luen LIN


In the new century of Knowledge Economics, there is a close relationship between the quality level of publications in the publishing industry and the continuous development of a nation’s civilization. Generally speaking, the publishing ecology deals with the realm of originality, production, circulation and consumption; every element of these three categories is necessary and closely linked with one another. The circulation (books marketing), in particular, plays an important role; it is not merely the assurance to the publisher, but it is the essential requirement, the key success factor and the life strain to the prosperity of the publishing industry as well. The purpose of this research is to explore the business transaction terms together with the possible implementation of innovated term of transaction on all process of the Books Marketing; a further study and analysis will also be made on Marketing Channels of the Book Publishing Industry based upon the “2003 Survey of Book Publishing Industry” which is entrusted by Government Information Office and investigated by China Credit Information Service Ltd.. Finally, necessary recommendations will be made to business, organizations or units concerned for possible improvement or timely encouragement for appropriate implementations.

Keywords: Taiwan; book publishing industry; channel of marketing; book industry; Government Information Office; China Credit Information Service LTD.

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