Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 28 No. 4, June 1991


393 AECT's Postsecondary Standards: Will the Play in Taipei, Sydney or Paris?
  CHANG George Sheau-ting et al.
407 The Role of Context and Time in Picture Recognition
  LEE Shih-chung
428 Job Satisfaction and the Changing Role of Catalogers
  MORITA Ichiko T.
433 Bibliometric Distributions and Laws: Some Comments and a Selected Bibliography
  KHURSHID Anwer et al.
460 Information Policies in Western Europe (Cont.) *
  SHYU Jin-fen
473 We Don't Have to Be a Science But We Have to Do Research
  LAI Ting-ming
484 The Union Catalog in the R.O.C.: A Study (Cont.) *
  PENG Wei

* Articles in Chinese

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