Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 29 No. 2, December 1991


113 Automation and Library Administration with Special Reference to U.S. East Asian Collections
  WONG William Sheh
127 Public Library Directors Express Their Opinions about Library Goals
141 Instructional Design and Computer-assisted Instruction: Toward Intelligent Authoring Tolls
  LI Zhongmin
155 National Standard for Library Statistics (Draft) *
  CHEN SUN Hsueh-hua
183 Education for Library and Information Science and Its Future in China *
  LAI Xinxia, SHAO Yuanpu
194 Information Policies in Western Europe (Final) *
  SHYU Jin-fen
203 The Survey of Reader's Utilization of Card Catalog and Online Catalog *
  CHANG Whay-mei
221 The Union Catalog in the R.O.C.: A Study (Final) *
  PENG Wei

* Articles in Chinese

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