Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 29 No. 3, March 1992


239 Marketing Strategies for the Academic Library
  LEE Chang C.
247 New Authoring Tools for Computer Based Training
  LI Zhongmin
255 Computer Literacy for Teachers: The Role of Computer Technology in the Educational Process
  ESIN Joseph O.
267 Some Rational Thinking on Enacting National Information Policies *
  GUAN Xiangnan
275 A Comparative Study of Learning Contents and Legislative Protection among Physicians, Lawyers, and Librarians *
  LAI Ting-ming
295 The Survey of Reader's Utilization of Card Catalog and Online Catalog (cont.) *
  CHANG Mei-mhay
318 Concise History of National Library of Peiping, 1928-1949 *
  YAN Ding-jong

* Articles in Chinese

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