Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 29 No. 4, June 1992


333 Strategies for Developing and Implementing Academic Computing in Colleges and Universities
  ESIN Joseph O.
341 Understanding the Future Role of the Library and Librarians: As Seen by a Subscription Agent
  ROWE Richard R.
357 The Library Building Consultant: Who Need One?
  WHITE Robert L.
365 Chinese National Standard for Writing Abstracts *
  TSAY Ming-yueh
376 Studies on Multiuser Access Library CD-ROM Database via Campus Network *
  CHEN Ruey-shun
388 Information-Seeking Behavior of the Humanists *
  CHENG Li-min
411 Concise History of National Library of Peiping, 1928-1949 (con.) *
  YAN Ding-jong

* Articles in Chinese

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