Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 30 No. 2, December 1992


111 The Education of Medical Librarians in China : The Case of Human Medical University Faculty of Medical Library and Information Science
  GOSS Anne S. et al
122 The Emerging Technology: An Overview of the Impact of CD-ROM on Offline Services
139 Addressing the Need for Online and CD-ROM Technology in Our Nation's Secondary Schools and Teacher Education Programs
152 American Library Education: Its Development and Issues *
  FU Estelle Yea-shiow
168 Current State of Sci-Tech Databases Creation in Taiwan *
  CHEN Shiu-chin
191 The Utilization and Selection of Authoring Software *
  LEE Shih-chung
201 Approval Plan - One Year's Experience of Approval Plan at National Cheng Kung University Medical Library: 1990-1991 *
  HOU Yun-ching

* Articles in Chinese

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