Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Volume 32 No. 2, pp. 130-155 (December 1994)


Charles L.. Saar

This study will examine the extent to which Central Florida instructional designers utilize learner analysis before instructional materials are designed and developed for various populations of learners. A survey was mailed to a small, randomly selected sample of personnel employed by government and defense contractors and private sector businesses who are known to produce instructional materials for either in-house training or via contract for ether parties. While the benefits of conducting learner analysis are suggested in the review of the literature, the results of the survey indicate that learner analysis is only occassionally implemented, and then mainly to determine reading grade level. Possibilities presented in the literature review including brain hemisphericity, cognitive styie mapping and learning style determination appear to have little or no influence in the design, development and implementation of learning materials according to those who replied to the survey.
Keywords: Computer-Assisted instruction (CAI), Instructional design, Learner analysis

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