Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 32 No. 3, March 1995


239 Library Services for Ethnolinguistic Students
  LIU Mengxiong
247 Changing Lanes on the International Information Superhighway: Academic Libraries and the Internet
  XU Ying, RYAN Ken
264 Evaluation of an Environmental Science Distance Education Project
  COLLINS Laura J., ROMJUE Mary Kalen
282 Exploring the Contemporary Meaning of Information Values *
  LIANG Chaoyun chaucer, CHANG Tzu-chiang
293 Application of the Information Retrieval Pathfinder on Technology Education *
  SONG Sheue-fang, WANG Yin-tien
308 A Survey of Library User Education toward the Faculty of College in Taiwan *
  CHANG Whay-mei, TING Kun-chien
327 The Functional Analysis of the Public Library in Modern Society: A Case Study of a Branch Library in Taipei City *
  YEH Nei-ching

* Articles in Chinese

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