Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Volume 33 No. 3, pp. 267-280 (March 1996)


Chang C. Lee

Although the Academia Historica has preserved records of the Republic of China since 1912, it emphasizes the preservation of historical documents only. Today, most countries have established National Archives. The functions of the National Archives, if based on the ones of the American National Archives, include the preservation of historical documents, promotion of greater utilization of archives, records management, estahlishment of presidential libraries and the Center for Electronic Records.

The author would like to propose that the name of the Academia Historica be changed to the National Archives of the Republic of China.

Based on the system and practice of the National Archives of the United States, the author would like to suggest guidelines for establishing the National Archives in the Republic of China.

Keywords: Academia Historica, National Archives, The Republic of China, Taiwan

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