Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Volume 33 No. 3, pp. 281-288 (March 1996)

LIBRARY MISSION: Embracing Change in the Year 2000

Vicki Toy Smith

The year 2000 will be a time of transition and fundamental change as libraries strive to provide effective information for users throughout the library community. As of today, the core function of libraries is to identify, acquire, preserve, and provide access to information. With this in mind, technical services librarians become centra l to the mission of libraries in the United States and throughout the world. Thus the challenge that faces us is to provide resources for a broad range of disciplines and an ever expanding and diverse population of citizens. Librarians such as ourselves must lead our community in its changing mission.

This presentation will give an overview of the role of technical services in the coming decade, and specifically detail the services and resources most relevant to a changing library environment. This includes outsourcing in all its aspects (e.g. OCLC's Techpro service), interactive multimedia, format integration, electronic resources, quality control standards, and relevant technologies The presenter provides the opportunity to explore the need for proactive communication and the means of doing so She will also discuss the re-engineering of the library as an entity, due to decreasing resources, as well as the ever changing role of the technical services librarian as libraries are restructured .

Overall, these topics will give librarians a chance to focus on the aspects of technology that will most help them change and grow along with the profession. In the long run, librarians will be making themselves employable and viable.

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