Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Volume 33 No. 3, pp. 318-333 (March 1996)

NII and Library and Information Science Education

Mei-ling Wang

In 1993, President Collington proposed the "National Information Infrastructure" (NII) to promote economic development of US. Later on, NII is interested by many countries. The main purpose of NII is to ensure that all people have access to their infrastructure and information. It will bring a lot of change to library. In the future, library will be getting to become digital library. In addition to its traditional functions, library will have new roles to play. The most imponant role is to be the navigator of knowledge and information.

New responsibilities of library make professionals need condnuing education. Meanwhile, library and information science education aIso needs to make evaluation and changes. This article gives a brief description on networking courses of library and information science education in U. S., U. K., and Taiwan. And then, the articie makes some suggestions for the future, including providing integrated courses on networking; achieving to coopera tion of continuing education among library and information science schools, libraries, and related associations; requesting for new fund; as well as carrying out the related researches.

Keywords: NII, Library and information science education, Networking, Network literacy

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