Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 34 No. 1, September 1996


1 Problems and Solutions in a Collecting Local and Municipal Documents for a State University Library
  WEISS Susan
10 Making Urban and Regional Documents Accessible to the Public - Classifying and Converting a Specialized Collection
  FU Jennifer Zhaohui
19 The Development and Structure of an Urban, Regional, and Local Documents Classification Scheme
  WINSKE Elaine
35 The Status of Catalogers in Academic Libraries and Implications for Chinese American Librarians
  TAN Wendy
40 Developing Library Evaluation and Evaluation Research in Taiwan: 1975-1995 *
  WU Mei-mei
60 Integration of Dictionary Sources on the Internet *
  HUANG Shih-hsion, SONG Sheue-fang
75 A Study of Theft and Multilation in Public Library in Taipei Metropolitan (cont.) *
  CHIU Shwu-pyn

* Articles in Chinese

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