Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 34 No. 2, December 1996


111 Chinese American Librarians Job Survey
  YANG Zheng Ye
124 The Role of the Library in the Proposed Adaptation of Audio-Visual Aids to Teaching General Studies in Nigerian Universities
136 Using Distance Education to Promote Teacher Awareness of the Florida Holocaust Education Mandate
  FOSHEE Neill H., COLTON Mindy Z., BARTO Tim, CORTELL Richard
150 A Preliminary Study of Appraisal Theories and Techniques *
  HSUEH Li-kuei
167 Integration of Dictionary Sources on the Internet (final) *
  HUANG Shih-hsion, SONG Sheue-fang
207 A Research on Application of Copyright Laws in R.O.C. to the Electronic Publications in Networked Enviroments *
  SHIH Chun-fu
221 A Study of Theft and Multilation in Public Library in Taipei Metropolitan (con.) *
  CHIU Shwu-pyn

* Articles in Chinese

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