Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A Publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan

Volume 34 No. 3, March 1997


237 Library Electronic Resource Sharing Among Liberal Arts Colleges: ACS Palladian Alliance Project
  ZHANG Wenxian
253 Book Display as Adult Service
  MOORE Matthew S.
268 Bibliometrics, Scientometrics and Informetrics *
  TSAY Ming-yueh
285 Rethinking of the Development of Reference Service *
  SONG Sheue-fang
293 A Research on Application of Copyright Laws in R.O.C. to the Electronic Publications in Networked Environments (Final) *
  SHIH Chun-fu
315 A Study of Theft and Multilation in Public Library in Taipei Metropolitan (Final) *
  CHIU Shwu-pyn

* Articles in Chinese

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