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9 Jul 2018

STEM Education: Reinventing through Reappraising the Role of Mathematics in STEM

Prof. JONG Siu Yung Morris (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Prof. LAW Huk Yuen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Ms. Anna CHAN (Hennessy Road Government Primary School)
Mr. Francis TSANG (Munsang College Primary School)
Ms. TSUI Kwan Yuk (HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College)
Mr. POON Wai Hoi Bobby (St. Paul's College)

6 Jul 2018

Assessment in biology – issues and solutions

Prof. King Chow (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Prof. LAU Kwok Chi Victor (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Mr. Chui Hing Wa (Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School)

1 Jun 2018

New participatory culture: Hong Kong-Canadian teacher professional training undergirded by new media literacies

Dr. Zheng Zhang (Western University)

30 May 2018

What Is 'Really' Taught As The Content of School Subjects? Teaching School Subjects As An Alchemy

Prof. Thomas Popkewitz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

25 May 2018

Curriculum in the Digital Age

Prof. Cathleen Norris (University of North Texas)
Prof. Elliot Soloway (University of Michigan)

4 May 2018


楊秀珠教授 (香港中文大學)

13 April 2018

An Autobiography of a non-native-English-speaking Academic Writer

Prof. Paul Kei Matsuda (Arizona State University)

20 Mar 2018

Reconfiguring Accountabilities in Education through Multiple Partnerships

Dr. Bob Lingard (The University of Queensland)

6 Mar 2018

Risk-taking and change in teacher-researcher collaboration

Dr. Jesús Piqueras (Stockholm University)

2 Mar 2018

Engaging language learners: Focus on the school context and the learner's peer group

Prof. Zoltan Dornyei (University of Nottingham)

7 Feb 2018

Motivation in Second-Language (L2) Learning

Prof. LEE Kit Bing Icy
Prof. WONG Yu Ka Gary

2 Feb 2018


劉潔玲教授 (香港中文大學)

31 Jan 2018

How To Get Published Workshop

Mr. David Spencer (Elsevier Limited)

29 Jan 2018


孫彩平教授 (南京師範大學)

20 Jan 2018

Reflecting on the Research-Practice Nexus in Written Corrective Feedback: Insights for Hong Kong Classrooms

Prof. LEE Kit Bing Icy

6 Dec 2017

What we value in mathematics education: From WIFI to WhyFI

Prof SEAH Wee Tiong (The University of Melbourne)
Prof TAKUTA Baba (Hiroshima University)
Prof LI Xiaoqing (Shenzhen University)
Dr Zhang Qiaoping (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

23 Nov 2017

Developments in England's policy and practice related teacher preparation

Professor David Spendlove (The University of Manchester)

21 Nov 2017

Moving towards evidence informed teaching: Unintended consequences of an 'informed' profession?

Professor David Spendlove (The University of Manchester)

17 Nov 2017

ESL Primary Students’ Use of Self-Regulated Writing Strategies

Embodied (Critical) Thinking in Classrooms: Revisiting the Confucian ‘Do-after-me’ Pedagogy from an Ethnomethodology Perspective 

Prof BAI Rui Barry

Prof ZHAO Weili

10 Nov 2017

Designing for a more learnable, moving mathematics; theory and research directions

Prof Nathalie Sinclair (Simon Fraser University)

24 Aug 2017

The linguistic entrepreneur and English as a lingua franca: Problems, prospects and possibilities for intercultural communication in a multilingual world & Professional survival in a neoliberal age: A case study of an EFL teacher in China

Dr. Peter I. De Costa (Michigan State University)

10 Jul 2017

Infusion of STEM Education into Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Key Learning Areas (New)

Prof JONG Siu Yung Morris
Dr CHAN To Tom
Prof LAU Kwok Chi Victor
Prof NG Oi Lam
Dr NG Pun Hon
Dr WAN Wai Yan Sally

2 Jun 2017

Higher Education and Teacher Education in Vietnam

Dr. Ton Quang Cuong (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

28 Feb 2017

What 40 Years of Language Learner Strategy (LLS) Research Tells Us: A Metacognitive Personal Reflection

Prof. Lawrence Jun Zhang, PhD (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

10 Feb 2017

Tips for academic publications in social science international journals

Prof. Chin-Chung Tsai (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Prof. Morris JONG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

7 Feb 2017

Key to the success of eLearning studies: Strategies of finding innovative research topics

Prof. Gwo-Jen Hwang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Prof. Morris JONG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

14 Nov 2016

Aspiring to become an engineer in Hong Kong:
Effects of STeM education and demographic background on secondary students’ expectation to become an engineer

Prof. Peter KUTNICK (King's College London)
Prof. Rosanna CHAN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Prof. Morris JONG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

25 Aug 2016


莊紹勇教授 (香港中文大學)
陸晉軒先生 (香港中文大學)
文可為副校長 (樂善堂余近卿中學)
李天民老師 (聖公會聖馬利亞堂莫慶堯中學)

22 Mar 2016

Seminar on "Teacher Education in Singapore"

Dr. YEAP Ban Har (Pathlight School, Singapore)

22 Feb 2016

Seminar on "E-learning Services Experiencing KEEP"

Prof. JONG Siu Yung Morris (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

30 Nov 2015

Seminar on "An Education Field Study of Three Teachers: Arts-based Education Research (ABER) as a Growing Field in Educational Studies"

Dr. Donald BLUMENFELD-JONES (Arizona State University)

13-15 Nov 2015


張善培教授 (香港中文大學)
尹弘飈教授 (香港中文大學)

28 Oct 2015

Seminar on "Values as a Socio-cognitive-affective Construct in Mathematics Education"

Prof. SEAH Wee Tiong (University of Melbourne)

23 May 2015


林智中教授 (香港中文大學)
何秀紅老師 (香港管理專業協會羅桂祥中學)
葉詠兒老師 (鄭植之中學)
葉劍威老師 (香港管理專業協會羅桂祥中學)

5 Feb 2015


鄭國民教授 (北京師範大學)

16 Dec 2014

Seminar on "Why English-only: Voices of Hong Kong ESL Learners"

Dr. LI Wai Kei Vickie (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

28 Oct 2014

Seminar on "Differentiation: What Do We Believe? What Do We Know?"

Mr. LAM Hak Chung Patrick (The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education)
Dr. WAN Wai Yan Sally (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

11 Oct 2014

2014 CUHK English Language Education Symposium
"Current Trends in Second Language Education"

Prof. Alister CUMMING (University of Toronto)

10 Oct 2014

Seminar on "Writing Development and Instruction for English Language Learners"

Prof. Alister CUMMING (University of Toronto)

30 Jun 2014

「GPS置位感知戶外探究學習系統-EduVenture 」講座

莊紹勇教授  (香港中文大學資訊科技教育促進中心)
陸晉軒先生  (香港中文大學資訊科技教育促進中心)

20 Jun 2014

Seminar on "ICT for Curriculum and Instruction: Why Some People Use It and Others Don’t"

Prof. Timothy TEO (University of Macau)

19 Jun 2014

「「凸透鏡」和「牛頓運動第一定律」的學與教 」講座

吳本韓博士 (香港中文大學)
余偉良老師 (九龍塘學校(中學部))
許詩樺老師 (金巴崙長老會耀道中學)

17 May 2014

「當前國際中學化學課程改革及案例分析 」講座

張善培教授 (香港中文大學)

23 Jan 2014

Seminar on "The Quality of Teachers’ Verbal Interactions with Preschool Children During Small-group and Large-group Activities"

Dr. Jennifer CHEN (The University of Hong Kong)

21 Jan 2014

Seminar on "Flipping the SCT Classrooms Using Video-based Teaching Cases"

Dr.  CHAN To Tom (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Prof. CHUN Ka Wai Cecilia (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Ms.  NG Kwan Yee Sarah (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

4 Jan 2014

「共拓新路:地理科新高中課程與評核改善建議 」講座

林智中教授 (香港中文大學)
梁永健老師 (香港地理學會中學組)

6 Dec 2013


黃毅英教授 (香港中文大學)

2 Jul 2013

Seminar on "Bringing Innovation to the Writing Classroom: Voices of School Leaders and Teachers"

Prof. LEE Kit Bing Icy (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)