Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

We have courses in: subject curriculum teaching of various school subjects such as EnglishChineseMathematicsLiberal Studies, PhysicsChemistryBiologyIntegrated ScienceHistoryChinese History, Geography, EconomicsInformation and Communication Technology, as well as Curriculum StudiesIT in Education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education, Early Childhood Education, and Extra-curricular Activities.

With other Departments in the Faculty, we contribute courses to the BEd, BA&BEd, PGDE, MEd, MA, MPhil, PhD, and EdD programmes. For the EdD programme, we offer a specialty in curriculum studies. Candidates who are interested in subject curriculum and teaching can actively pursue this curriculum studies specialty.

In recent years, our research and community service activities have focused on: curriculum developmentcurriculum change and evaluationinformation technologyChinese language curriculum and teachingEnglish curriculum and teaching, and IT in education.

Our department often organizes seminars for teachers and academics to exchange views and discuss major curriculum, teaching and learning issues in various subjects in Hong Kong. These seminars have been very well received.

Colleagues in our department have been sponsored by the Language FundGeneral Research Fund (RGC)Knowledge Transfer Fund (UGC), Quality Education Fund, the Education Bureau and other funding agencies to conduct research. These studies contribute to the informative discourse of curriculum reform in Hong Kong.

Many colleagues are also involved in developing teaching materials including multi-media teaching kitstextbooksvideos, and eLearning environments. These help provide quality materials for schools and teachers. In recent years, our colleagues have been actively developing subject-based online platforms for school students and teachers to exchange ideas and materials.

The above outlines some of the collaborative research and community service activities within the department. Individual colleagues' interests can be found within their own homepages. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and research findings with local and international communities.