We are dedicated to providing quality teaching and assistance to students. Aside from offering an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment for students to grow and learn, we also encourage them to conduct research on substantive local educational issues, in particular curriculum and subject-related issues. Careful supervision is provided. In designing the course content for our variety of courses, we always strive for a balance between the latest developments in the fieldlocal applicability, and professional relevance.

As professional educators, colleagues see themselves as having an important role in discovering knowledge on curriculum matters and contributing to educational quality enhancement in Hong Kong and the surrounding area. Colleagues have actively provided professional support as consultants and committee members for the Hong Kong Education BureauCurriculum Development CouncilHong Kong Examinations and Assessment AuthorityQuality Education Fund, and other government and academic committees. We take pride in contributing in many different ways towards a better educational environment in Hong Kong.

With about 25 academic staff, the department offers courses to support faculty-level programmes leading to the PGDE and the degrees of BEdBA&BEd, MEdMAMPhilPhD, and EdD. The courses are designed to cultivate expertise in teaching and curriculum development as well as to equip teachers and educators with professional and academic qualifications. Through research, service to local educational bodies and committees, and seminars for educators and teachers, members of the department play an active role in promoting professional development in the education field.