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Professor GU Ming-yue, Michelle

Assistant Professor
B.A., Ph.D. (HKU)
Tel No.: 3943 3038


Formerly served as Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Education University (then HKIEd). The undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught include Research Methodology, ELT methodology, Subject Curriculum and Teaching (English), Listening and Speaking - Teaching and Learning, and Current Issues in ELT.

Since 2008, Michelle has published 30 journal articles in the journals such as Journal of Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics, Multilingua, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, System, Language and Education, Language Teaching Research, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Journal of Education for Teaching, Linguistics and Education, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, and Computer Assisted Language Learning.

Research Areas

Multilingualism and mobility, teacher professional development, language and identity, linguistic ecology, discourse theory and analysis, second language learning motivation, language ideology, gender and education.

Selected Publications


International refereed journal articles

  1. Gu, M., & Canagarajah, S. (2017). Harnessing the professional value of a transnational disposition: Perceptions of migrant English language teachers in Hong Kong. Applied Linguistics. (SSCI, impact factor: 3.250)
  2. Gu, M., Kou, Z., & Guo, X. (2017). Understanding Chinese language teachers’ language ideologies in teaching South Asian students in Hong Kong. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. (SSCI, impact factor: 1.338)
  3. Gu, M. (forthcoming). Teaching students from other cultures: An exploration of language teachers’ experiences with ethnic minority students in Hong Kong. Journal of Language, Identity and Education. (SSCI, impact factor:0.688)
  4. Guo, X., & Gu, M.* (forthcoming). Negotiating Uyghurness Through multilingual learning and use: An internal migration perspective. Ethnic and Racial Studies. (corresponding author) (SSCI, impact factor: 1.07)
  5. Guo, X. & Gu, M.* (forthcoming). Exploring Uyghur University students’ identities constructed through multilingual practices in China. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. DOI: 10.1080/13670050.2016.1184613. (SSCI, impact factor: 1.338) (*corresponding author)
  6. Gu, M., Mak, B., & Qu, X. (2017). Ethnic Minority Students from South Asia in Hong Kong: Language Ideologies and Discursive Identity Construction. Asia Pacific Journal of Education. (SSCI, impact factor: 0.531)
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  8. Guo, X. & Gu, M.* (forthcoming). Identity construction through English language learning in intra-national migration: A study on Uyghur students in China. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. (SSCI, impact factor: 1.536) (*corresponding author)
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Book Reviews

  1. Gu, M. (2013). Review of the book Curriculum reform in China: Changes and challenges, edited by H-B Yin & C-K Lee. New York, Nova Science Publishers, 2012, ISBN 976-1-61470-943-5. Frontiers of Education in China, 8 (4), 631-634..

Scholarly books

  1. Trent, J., Gu, M., & Yu, S. (under contract at Springer). Early career English teacher professional identity construction. Springer.
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Refereed Book chapters

  1. Gu, M., & Guo, X. (forthcoming). Being Uyghur or Being Muslim? – Identity Construction of Tertiary-level Uyghur Students in China. In M. Mac an Ghaill, & C. Haywood (Eds.), Schooling a ‘Suspect Community’: Education, neo-liberalism and Muslim students. PalgraveMacmillan.
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  12. Gu, M. (2004). Returns on Investment in Interaction: English Language Learning in China, Research Studies in Education, 2, 203-214.

Research Projects

  1. Multilingualism & Mobility in the Northern & Southern Hemisphere. Co-investigator, World Universities Network (WUN) Project Funding (2015-2016)
  2. Second Language(s) Learning Motivation and Identity Construction of Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong. Principal investigator, RGC-funded project (2014-2016)
  3. Double marginalization: Female South Asian students in secondary education, Principal investigator, Direct Research Grant Funding, CUHK (2014-2015)
  4. Identity Construction of Pre-service English Language Teachers: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Principal investigator, Direct Research Grant Funding, CUHK (2013-2014)
  5. Negotiating Multilingual Identities in Migrant Professional Contexts. Co-Investigator, World University Network (WUN) Project Funding (2012-2013)
  6. Putonghua as Heritage Language in Multilingual Hong Kong: A Social Network Analysis. Principal investigator, IRG-funded project (2010-2011)
  7. Functional Use of Languages and Identity Construction in a Multilingual University in Hong Kong. Principal investigator, DRF-funded project, HKIEd (2010-2011)
  8. Teacher Professional Identity Formation: Cross-Border Novice In-Service Teachers in Hong Kong. Principle investigator, DRF-funded project, HKIEd (2010-2011)
  9. Linguistic Ecology in a Multilingual University. Principle investigator, RCLEAMS Research Project Funding, HKIEd (2009-2010)


  1. On editorial board of Multilingual Education book series, Springer
  2. Editor of Book Review Section of Journal of Asia TEFL


  1. Young Researcher Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2014)

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