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Dr. LI Yuk-yung

BA, DipEd, MPhil, PhD (CUHK), MA (Stanford)
Tel No.: 3943 3748


Dr. Li graduated with a BA in Chinese Language and Literature at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She obtained an MPhil in Curriculum and Instruction from CUHK, and an MA in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education from Stanford University. She then obtained her PhD in Educational Administration and Policy at CUHK.

Before joining the faculty, Dr. Li worked as researcher (carrying the title of School Development Officer [Research]) of several large-scale studies on school improvement, school effectiveness, and implementation of the secondary Chinese language curriculum at the Center for University and School Partnership and the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research at CUHK. She has also previously worked as a secondary school Chinese language teacher.

Research Areas

School reform and instructional improvement, curriculum change and implementation, Chinese language curriculum and pedagogy, school-based curriculum development.

Courses Taught

Principles and implementation of curriculum and instructional design, Chinese language curriculum and teaching, Chinese language assessment, and school-based curriculum development in Chinese language.

Selected Publications

  1. Li, Y. Y. (2017). Processes and dynamics behind whole-school reform: Nine-year journeys of four primary schools. American Educational Research Journal, 54(2), 279-324.
  2. 黃顯華、李玉蓉(2006)。《在協作文化中釋放學生潛能:新修訂中學中國語文課程實施個案研究》(學校教育改革系列之41)。香港中文大學教育學院及香港教育研究所。
  3. 黃顯華、李玉蓉(2006)。《在改革的路上不斷跨越挑戰:新修訂中學中國語文課程實施個案研究》(學校教育改革系列之40)。香港中文大學教育學院及香港教育研究所。
  4. 黃顯華、李玉蓉(2006)。《新修訂中學中國語文課程下的學生學習經驗》(學校教育改革系列之38)。香港中文大學教育學院及香港教育研究所。
  5. 黃顯華、李玉蓉(2006)。《學校試行新修訂中學中國語文課程的經驗》(學校教育改革系列之37)。香港中文大學教育學院及香港教育研究所。
  6. 黃顯華、李玉蓉(2006)。《新修訂中學中國語文課程下教師工作文化的轉變》(學校教育改革系列之25)。香港中文大學教育學院及香港教育研究所。
  7. 黃顯華、李玉蓉(2006)。《新修訂中學中國語文課程下的學科課程領導:角色、風格、所遇困難、解難策略和專業成長》(學校教育改革系列之24)。香港中文大學教育學院及香港教育研究所。
  8. 黃顯華、何偉傑、何燕萍、吳茂源、李玉蓉、林安、崔晶盈、湯才偉、楊桂康(2005)。《「中學中國語文科新修訂課程實施情況評估研究」研究報告》。香港:香港中文大學教育學院課程與教學學系及香港教育研究所。
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