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Office: HTB 420

HO Sui-chu, Esther

BSc, DipEd, MA (Ed) (CUHK), PhD (UBC)

Director of the Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment. Project Manager of HKPISA-2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012. Consultant of Macao-PISA 2003 and China-PISA 2006 Trial and Shanghai-PISA 2009 main study. Fulbright Scholar at Pennsylvania State University (2004) and Johns Hopkins University (2010); Research Associate of the project Education and Development in South China. Teaching assistant and research assistant in the University of British Columbia, Canada. Teaching consultant of the World Bank in the District Primary Educational Program in India. Primary and Secondary School teacher in Hong Kong. Research interests: Parental Involvement, Home School Community Collaboration, International Assessment of Student Performance, School Effectiveness and School Reform, Decentralization and School-based Management, Research Methodology in Education, Multilevel Analysis in Educational Research.

Education Policy
Educational Leadership
Gender Studies
Quantitative methods
School and Community
School Effectiveness and School Improvement
Sociology of Education
Longitudinal Studies
International Student Assessment
SILP 6003  Evaluation for School Improvement
PEDU 6211  Education and Development in International Perspectives
PGDC 5302  Parental Involvement in Young Children’s Education
PEDU 6704  Family-School-Community Collaboration: From Theory and Research to Practice
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