Asian Journal of Counselling

A publication of the Association of Psychological and Education Counsellors of Asia
The Hong Kong Headquarters

Vol. 13 No. 2 , 2006


Special Topic: Youth Counseling
163 Immobile, Slowly Moving, Moving Forward: Youth in Transition
    Jean Sunde PETERSON
195 Youth Counseling in Transition: Rethinking the Role of the Youth Counselor
    Philemon Yuen-Wan CHOI
Research Forum
207 Searching for Manhood: Reflecting Growing up in a Chinese Way
    Koon-Ming HO & Yuk-Shuen WONG
235 The Relationship Among Acculturation, Acculturation Stress, and Depression for a Korean and a Korean–American Sample
    Peter JI & Changming DUAN
Experience Sharing Forum
271 Counseling/Psychotherapy With Chinese Singaporean Clients
    Koong-Hean FOO, Paul L. MERRICK, & Nikolaos KAZANTZIS

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